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Cool Ways To Propose

There are tons of cool ways to propose. You don’t have to do the traditional spiel if that’s just not your style. Take a cue from these ideas and find the cool ways to propose that will rock his or her world!

In Another Language
So you've been studying together for weeks to get ready for your big trip to France. Now you're in the City of Light, one of the most romantic places in the world. This is a great moment to ask "Veux-tu m'├ępouser?" In the second it takes her to translate it in her head, get down on one knee and show her the ring. She'll figure out what you mean.

Leap Year Proposal

A girl can propose to her guy any day of the year, but there are a few days considered traditional. In the UK, the leap year day (February 29) is a popular time for the female proposal. In the United States, some people do so on "Sadie Hawkins Day,” or the first Saturday of November!


This may be difficult to pull off, but if you're both the adventurous sort, try proposing during a scuba diving trip. Hey, why not visit me (a scuba diving instructor) in Roatan to help you pull it off! See the About Me page for more info ;) Anyway, to avoid losing the ring, propose instead with a waterproof picture of it, and then hand her the ring once you're both back above the waves (or be prepared to wrestle it back from Nemo). Cool ways to propose don’t get much better than this!

Make a Crossword Puzzle

This can be as simple or complex a puzzle as you'd like. Bonus points if the clues are all for things special to your relationship, though that might give it away too fast if you're not careful. The longest answer space should be saved for your message!

Invisible Ink

Write a message in glow in the dark ink on a wall or a T-shirt that will only become visible after you turn off the lights. Make sure you're there waiting with the ring for the wall one- she might get a little creeped out if she sees a message scrawled on the wall when she turns the light out alone!

Propose in a simple code

Something like a substitution code with a key, or something you thought up yourself. This is great, especially if she's a logic or crypto buff If she really likes solving puzzles, make it a little more challenging, but always make sure she can solve it!

Propose Via Radio

Cool ways to propose can take a cue from the days before video killed the radiostar! Request that your favorite song play right after your message, along with a message from the DJ saying why it's being played. Bonus points if you recorded your voice and sent it in, and they play it while you kneel with the ring! Cool ways to propose like this can always be pulled off with a little planning (take it from a former radio show host!)

In a Fortune Cookie

It's easy to get a fortune cookie that says, "will you marry me?" and it's a fantastic surprise! It's one of my favorite cool ways to propose. An even better idea is to have the ring inside the cookie as well...this will take some planning. It's actually pretty easy to make your own fortune cookie just for this purpose.
There's an App for that!

If you're particularly tech savvy, make a simple phone app that will display your message on her phone. A clever spouse-to-be might figure out a way to make her download it herself in the store (and in doing so make a couple dozen random users very confused).

Special Ring Tone

Set her phone to play a unique ringtone when you call her. Tell her to meet you somewhere, and then call her when you arrive. Have the song that plays be something special for the moment!


Magicians aren't the only ones with the tricks to master cool ways to propose. If you know your science, put on a show off the different things that chemical reactions can do, like change colors, fizz, spark or fume. Have your big finish involve the wedding ring.

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